Behind The Bubble On Board Footage For 2014


Hi Folks,

It is our great pleasure to be involved in the 2014 Bush Road Races.

We would like to thank the Dungannon & District Motorcycle Club for allowing us to play our very little part in Today’s Racing.

It is really nice to see The Bush return back to the Racing Calendar.

This is our second year in operation supplying the Racers with On-Board Cameras to record their
Race Footage.

This footage is very valuable to the Competitors & The Clubs where they can view & download their footage for a huge variety of reasons. It is also very valuable to young up and coming & Newcomers to many of the Circuits.

There is also a great help to The Clubs to see if all safety concerns are addressed before
Racing begins.

Then there is the entrainment value of The Race Fan watching it Free off Charge on our YouTube Channel, our facebook page & our website giving you at home or out and about on your Tablet or your phone giving you the sensation of actually being aboard the Bike & enjoying every twist & turn of The Race by seeing The Riders eye view,

There is also the benefit of competitors who are contemplating coming to Ireland to Race a chance to see & study the Circuit & hopefully help them decide to come here to Race in the future.

Most importantly however is the Chance for Riders to see & learn The Circuits with the main aim of this to prevent accidents that could have been avoided had the Rider had Prior Track Knowledge.

Finally we would Like to wish everyone involved in today’s Bush Road Races a Safe & enjoyable Days Racing.

Behind The Bubble